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In real life:
Address Torsten H.Bischoff 
Schwabenstr. 36 
D-91126 Schwabach 
Phone/FAX +49 9122 72759
Email  -.. ..-. -.... -. .-.., df6nl@db0box (BBS),
Web  Deutsche Homepage
 English homepage
 Spanish homepage
 Portuguese homepage
 French homepage
 Italian homepage
Member  DARC  , AGCW-DL

VHF/UHF TR 751E, TR851E, IC 22 A, SR-C51, IC T81E
SW FT7B (CW only)
Antenna GPA 40, 10ElXY VHF, 12ElXY UHF
Computer Pentium II 400 MHz, Pentium-Notebook 400 MHz running SuSE Linux (M$-Free Zone !)
Packet PK-88, PK232

Interests besides HAM Radio
Classical music play violin and viola in orchestra and chamber ensembles, especially in the famous Pro Nobis piano trio and the Erlanger Kammerorchester
Computer Linux; no need for Wintendo; JAVA for internet
Others Traveling, diving, nature...
I'm a special fan of animal species like Hippopotamus domesticus and Felis ludens


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